Monday, 25 November 2013

Shanthi Goat & Sheep Farms
We are engaged in Goat & Sheep Farm Development in stall feeding system across south india since 2005, We provide A-Z farming technique in a intergrated system, which will ensure good returns from the very first cycle in order to lead the farm sucessfully. We develop & give u full fledged Stall feeding Farm in your area our developments are listed below
1. We supply Genuine & pure Goat & Sheep breeds only for Breeding purpose which are 100% diseases free , vaccinated , properly dewormed with accurate tracking record
2. Goat Breeds available ( sirohi,talacherry,osmanabadi,jamunapari,Tothapari,Boer,kodi,sojat,beetal)
3. Sheep breeds available( Ramboulette,jodipi,semmari,madras red)
4. We undertake contracts for construction of elevated sheds in an integrated system
5. We do landscape development for Farming system like fodder cultivation
6. We supply plants,seeds & grass varieties for fodder devlopment
7. We supply Feeds
8. We supply upto date medicines, vaccines & mineral mixtures
9. We supply Farming equipments ( Grass cutters, choppers, sprayers, feeders & drinkers)
10. We supply Readymade wodden pallets, concrete pillars for stages
11. We train up you with upto date techniques to run a livestock farm in Economical & succsessful way to lead a profitable business as there is a greater demand in Meat industry today
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Shanthi Goat & Sheep Farms

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